Mediation is a very powerful instrument to solve disputes between parties active in the Aviation sector.

Why Mediation?

  • TIME SAVINGS: there is no fixed duration of a mediation procedure. This may vary from a few weeks to a few months.
  • COST SAVINGS: Mediation is usually far less costly than a court or arbitration proceeding.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY: This is a fundamental element of mediation: in a mediation procedure, all the discussions and the documents exchanged between the parties are confidential. Any observation, evidence or admissions made during mediation cannot be used in any subsequent litigation or arbitration.
  • MAINTAINING COMMERCIAL RELATIONSHIPS: mediation is a non-adversarial procedure. The collaborative nature of mediation is of great importance in those situations where a continued or future relationship between the parties is desired. Indeed mediation can help preserve business and personal relationship that would be otherwise destroyed through years of continued litigation.
  • CREATIVE COMMERCIAL SOLUTIONS: because mediation is not driven by legal considerations, but by the needs of the parties, parties may come to very creative solutions that fit their businesses and their business relationships.
  • PARTIES IN CONTROL OF THE PROCESS AND THE SOLUTION: Parties usually report a higher degree of satisfaction with mediation than with arbitration or other court processes because they can control the result of the process and they are the creators of the final solution.
  • GREATER COMPLIANCE: This is an aspect that should not be forgotten. Since the final result of mediation is an agreed solution between the parties, voluntary compliance with the final settlement is higher than compliance with court decisions imposed on the parties.
  • FLEXIBILITY: for cross-border disputes.